Please allow 2-8 weeks for your purchase to ship depending on my show season. If you need a piece sooner for a special event let me know, I will make every effort to coordinate with you. We do call or email before shipping if it is longer than a week after the initial order to confirm you will be available to receive your package.

When you receive your glass please inspect it thoroughly. This art glass has many textures, wrinkles, lines and bubbles that can be mistaken for a crack. If you run a nail over an area in question and only feel it catch on an indention on one side it is just part of the glass. If it is on both sides please send an email or call so that we can fix it for you. If you are able to send a photo if you just have questions I am always happy to help.

We try to capture the true colors and textures of the glass in these photos but the human eye sees differently than the camera. Each piece in the edition does vary slightly due to the nature of the art glasses so you will find some variations from the photo on the site. They are actually much more beautiful in real life!

 Sorry, we only ship with in the U.S.A.