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About Julia


I enjoy expressing myself through natural and interior light. My stained glass panels, lamps and lanterns  become more than utilitarian as they release color and form into the spaces that we live in. The colored lights of Stained Glass add emotion to the atmosphere: golden warmth, soothing blues, or vibrant purples. Stained Glass dramatizes interior spaces by projecting onto existing floors and walls and changing the mood of a room.

Julia received her B.F.A. in crafts from Virginia Commonwealth University and completed apprenticeships at two stained glass studios, one that focused on lamp making and the other on flat glass panels, before starting to sell her own work at high end craft shows.  She has been a practicing, successful glass artist for over twenty years.

In 2004 she and her husband, Demian, moved from Virginia to Vermont. This move brought about a shift in Julia’s work from large format florals and brighter jewel tones to an exploration of abstractions of nature and geometric forms. 

Her geometric designs often begin with an interesting glass texture or color combination. She builds areas that come forward, others that recede, creating depth and movement. Often these forms reach out from the edges with hand blown beads, wirework and interrupted edges.   

The varying seasons have a strong effect on colors and tones. Wind sweeps along over abstractions of water,  mountains glow with warm colors of fall, multiple shades of greens open up as the warmth of summer brings plants to light and even the pinks and greens of spring pop up in her panels and lamps.                                           


Current Galleries :

League of N.H. Craftsmen, Concord, N.H.

League of N.H. Craftsmen, North Conway, N.H.

League of N.H. Craftsmen, Meredith,  N.H.

League of N.H. Craftsmen, Littleton, N.H.

League of N.H. Craftsmen, Nashua, N.H.

Kalled Gallery, Wolfeboro, N.H.

Current shows:

League of N.H. Craftsmen’s Fair, Mt. Sunapee, N.H.

Paradise City Arts Festivals, Marlboro, MA. and Northampton, MA.

Craftproducers Stowe Arts Festival, Stowe, Vt.

Putney Craft Tour


Previous Exhibitions/Galleries/Craft Shows

Weston Craft Show, Weston, Vt.

Frog Hollow Burlington, Vermont Craft Center 

Pompanoosuc Mills, VT 

Glass Gazebo, Provincetown, MA 

Glass Reunions, Richmond, VA

Hand workshop Show, Richmond Va.

A.C.C. Craft Show, Baltimore MD.

Stockley Gardens, Norfolk, Va.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk Show, Virginia Beach, Va.

Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals, MD. and Va.

Manayunk Craft Show, Philadelphia, Pa.

 Creative Encounters, Keene, N.H.

Silverscape Designs, Northampton, Mass.