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Large stained glass lamp made by Vermont artist Julia Brandis. Abstract, Mission style / Prairie style.
Large stained glass panel with architectural lines. Abstract, Mission style/  Prairie style

Pale Blue Architectural

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Pale blue background lights up with a soft blue glow, when turned off is a brighter opalescent blue color. Clear architectural textures shimmer, accents of steel blue, soft amber and tiny touches of sea foam surround a glass tile with copper flecking.  The handmade base accepts a 3 way energy efficient or 150 watt bulb. The foot, made from  granite, has heavy grade rubber feet to protect from scratching and allow room for the cord. Body is brushed copper tubing. Granite varies slightly from base to base. 

DIMENSIONS: Shade- 13 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" tall- Overall height including finial 21"